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Without head human figurines in two Sang-e Chakhmagh and Zaghe collection

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 15 March 2022


Marziyeh Zarekhalili; Hamed Vahdati Nasab; Alireza Hejebri Nobari; Barbara Helwing

Study on Geographical Distribution of Neolithic Seated Figurines of Near East

Volume 9, Issue 21, September 2019, Pages 7-22


Marziyeh Zarekhalili; hamed vahdati nasab; Alireza Hejebri Nobari; Barbara Helwing

Introducing Parthian Figurine Stored at Leiden Antiquity Museum, Holland

Volume 5, Issue 8, September 2015, Pages 67-78

sara zolfaghari; Bahman Firuzmandi shirejin